The Bridgeville Police Department would like to remind the Public of some safety issues now that the warmer weather is upon us. It is well known that the warmer temperatures lead to an increase in Pedestrian and Vehicular traffic within the Borough of Bridgeville.

The Bridgeville Police Department is committed to Public safety and would like to issue the following summary along with a review of Laws regarding Pedestrians, Vehicles, & Right-of-Ways.

The main area of concern within the Borough is the Washington Avenue Corridor from Prestley Road to Chartiers Street. This is the major part of the Business/Urban district and is subject to the highest amount of Pedestrian and Vehicle traffic.

With regards for Public Safety the Police department would like to remind Pedestrians of the following:  Pedestrians are to be aware that when using the Pedestrian crossing devices located at the following Intersections (Prestley Rd, Bower Hill Rd, Murray Ave, Station St, and Chartiers St.) they are not to immediately cross the Road upon pushing the “CROSS” button. This is because the lights must function for a full cycle prior to the “PEDESTRIAN CROSSING” or “WALK” symbol to be activated, thus allowing for Pedestrians to cross safely.

As a reminder to Pedestrians whom want to cross Washington Ave. in the area of Hickman St. and Burgh’s. It is their duty and responsibility to make sure the roadway is clear before stepping into the crosswalk. If the traffic is too heavy, the Pedestrian is to go to the nearest Intersection which is equipped with a Pedestrian control device and utilize it properly.

Vehicular traffic is also reminded to stay alert and use caution while driving through the Business/Urban district, and keep a watchful eye for Pedestrians.

Let’s be aware and let’s be safe.

Chief Chad King
Bridgeville Police Department.

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